Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated

Ok....got it! 

This is in reaction to "Why people don't like poetry!"

When I sit down to write...Fortunately,  my heart and soul are the one putting down words.
And often, years after, if I read myself again, I don't always understand the
meaning of my writings..
So how can I expect anybodyelse to understand my words?

Author: iabaly

I am a citizen from a small rural municipality in Quebec. 72 yrs old and getting younger!

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Complicated”

  1. I believe that most writers of poetry would agree with you. Poetry does seem to have a life of its own and we are but the listeners with open hearts and willing minds to translate feelings into words. Sometimes a poem will just flow into thought and if one isn’t quick with pen and paper it flows right past us.. So looking forward to reading your poetry.

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